Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the latest data related to coronavirus cases in California and the need for a national mask mandate:

            “Yesterday, California surpassed 400,000 coronavirus cases and will soon overtake New York as the state with highest number of infections. Nationally, the numbers are just as stark. Thursday saw a record number of new cases in a single day nationwide, the 11th record daily total in the last month. We’ll reach 4 million cases before the week’s end. These tragic milestones will continue until we take serious action.

            “The necessity of a nationwide mask order is no longer in question. It’s clearly the best way to save lives until we have an effective treatment or vaccine.

            “Public health experts have been in widespread agreement on the issue of masks for months. Last week, the CDC director said we could stop this surge in two months if everyone wore masks. Even President Trump has finally embraced masks, calling their use ‘patriotic.’ All told, 28 states have now enacted some form of a mask mandate.”

            “But it’s not enough. In Georgia, the governor is suing the mayor of Atlanta to prevent her citywide mask order from being enforced. Businesses are increasingly requiring masks, but many continue to resist. And while some airlines have announced masks are required, other airlines haven’t done so, resulting in a patchwork of policies.

            “We need a mandate at the federal level that will uniformly require masks across the country. This isn’t a political issue. If governors won’t step up, Congress must step in.”