Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today voted against Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury:

“The Treasury Secretary is tasked with supporting our economy and financial system to ensure they work for all Americans. I remain unconvinced that Steven Mnuchin is the right person for the job and oppose his confirmation.

“During his hearing, Mr. Mnuchin falsely stated that under his leadership, mortgage lender OneWest didn’t use robo-signing procedures to foreclose on American families. His lack of candor about OneWest’s actions is quite troubling. No state was hit harder by the foreclosure crisis than California. More than a million families lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale, and more than two million families saw the value of their homes plummet below the principal on their mortgage.

“Rather than help millions who were struggling, many of whom qualified for loan modifications and submitted all of their required paperwork, OneWest chose to use aggressive and often illegal tactics, including robo-signing, and foreclosed on 36,000 families in California alone. Many of those families have still not recovered.”