Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after increases in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations were reported:

            “As California approaches the grim toll of 5,000 coronavirus deaths, the state is again seeing an uptick in hospitalizations and positive cases. Just because the state is slowly starting to reopen doesn’t mean we can immediately return to pre-pandemic life.

            “Last weekend we saw a spike in hospitalizations. And the Washington Post this week reported that California recorded its highest seven-day average of new cases. These are troubling indicators and must be watched carefully.

            “These worrying developments mirror the experience of nearly half of the states in the country. There is no doubt that stay-at-home orders, restrictions on businesses and physical distancing are difficult – but they have now been proven to work. 

            “Simply put, the success we’ve seen is fragile and could be easily reversed if we don’t follow public health guidelines. Experts have made it very clear that masks, physical distancing and a gradual, thoughtful reopening are necessary to avoid more deaths and further loss of confidence in the economy.

            “It’s vital that everyone follows the advice of public health experts as California begins to reopen and doesn’t act irresponsibly. We’re going to need steady, sustained evidence that the virus is under control before we take additional steps, and even then we won’t be returning to our pre-virus lifestyles anytime soon.

            “Protective measures like physical distancing and staying at home are saving lives. Let’s make sure the effort isn’t in vain.”