Press Releases

“Whenever anyone from the White House or Department of Justice speaks about why these U.S. attorneys were fired, they say that there is ‘no evidence’ that they were fired for any improper reason.  That’s a far cry from saying that there was no improper action taken.  There is a difference.

The President did nothing to clear up this matter.  He simply reiterated his support for the Attorney General and said that the documents do not reflect any improper action.

The burden is on the Department of Justice and White House to testify under oath, in public, and let the American people know who made these decisions and for what reasons.

The President did not do that.

Serious questions remain.  There have been at least four explanations for the firings.  Major sections of key documents have been erased.  And, today, there is no clear rationale for the firing of these 8 U.S. attorneys, 6 of whom were involved in public corruption cases.

That’s why I believe Attorney General Gonzales, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers and others who may have played a role in this matter should come before the Committee under oath and describe their role in the firing of these 8 U.S. Attorneys.”