Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the latest data related to coronavirus in California:

            “Record-high figures for new cases of coronavirus in California and other states are evidence that we can’t let down our guard. We can’t return to pre-virus habits or we’re going to continue to see a large spike in deaths.

            “Yesterday saw the single highest increase in new cases in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Missouri since the pandemic began. California now has 22 counties with more than 1,000 cases. Now isn’t the time to abandon the measures that has helped us keep the virus at bay for months.

            “I support Governor Newsom’s plan to link funds for cities and counties to a strict adherence to CDC guidance on COVID-19. Reopening must proceed cautiously and can only happen safely if appropriate procedures are followed. Instead, we’re seeing many cities rapidly reopening with little regard for public health. I would support a plan to tie all federal and state aid related to the pandemic to full compliance to CDC reopening guidelines.

            “As Dr. Anthony Fauci and others testified yesterday, the next several weeks are crucial to containing this virus and avoiding an overwhelming spike in new cases. We must continue to avoid large gatherings. We must continue wearing masks in public. We’re in this together, and our collective health depends on all of us doing our part to minimize the spread of this virus.”