Press Releases

FY 2011 Appropriations Requests

Military Construction:

Project Title: Flightline Fire Station
Amount Requested: $15,500,000
Location: Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Funding would provide for a new fire station at Edwards Air Force Base to replace the existing airfield fire station.  The current station is over 50 years old and is no longer able to fully support firefighting functions.  The base’s modern fire vehicles are much larger than older vehicles and do not fit safely in the existing vehicle parking bays, delaying emergency response and increasing the risk of loss of life or damage to aircraft.

Project Title: Renewable Photovoltaic Solar Power
Amount Requested: $5,864,000
Location:  California National Guard, Sacramento, CA

The National Guard is seeking to install solar panels at four facilities in California -- Mather AASF, Ventura AFRC, Los Alamitos AFRC, and Banning RC.  The systems will be installed over existing, paved parking surfaces and would give the facilities independence from the commercial grid while reducing greenhouse emissions.  During peak power periods, the systems will reduce the energy demand of the facilities and could also return power to the commercial grid, reducing overall energy and operating costs.