Press Releases

Washington—Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), today issued the following statement on the self-driving car accident that killed a pedestrian in Arizona:

“Self-driving cars must obey all state and local traffic laws, just like every other car on the road. This is especially important on crowded city streets where cars share the road with cyclists and crossing pedestrians.

“The NTSB is just beginning its investigation of Uber’s self-driving car that fatally struck a pedestrian in Arizona. Whatever conclusions they reach, it’s clear that self-driving cars raise many new and challenging questions.

“The Senate is currently considering a bill that would hasten the deployment of these vehicles, even as the technology is still being tested. I have several concerns with the bill, chiefly provisions that would preempt state and local laws long before strong federal standards are in place.

“Congress needs to carefully examine the potential ramifications of the self-driving car bill. Public safety must be our first priority, and that starts with ensuring this new technology complies with all traffic laws.”