Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in opposition to Texas Governor Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy:

“The Secretary of Energy must be an ardent defender of scientific integrity, a champion for nuclear nonproliferation efforts and an effective steward of our nuclear weapons stockpiles. And there is no question that Secretaries Moniz and Chu left big shoes for the next secretary to fill. Though every Energy Secretary doesn’t need to be a brilliant physicist to succeed, the Energy Department deserves a chief executive who genuinely cares about shaping our nation’s energy policy and overseeing our nuclear arsenal. Governor Perry has not shown the knowledge or commitment to fulfill these vital roles.

“I’m particularly concerned with Governor Perry’s past comments on climate change. While he admitted ‘the climate is changing’ during his confirmation hearing, I believe he’ll do too little to address the problem if confirmed.

“The department is also engaged in a nearly trillion dollar modernization program for our nuclear arsenal, which will require strong leadership to control costs and ensure it focuses exclusively on maintaining deterrence. I have serious doubts Governor Perry is prepared to stand up against pressures to develop new nuclear weapons or resume nuclear testing.

“Due to his lack of knowledge on nuclear issues, combined with his skepticism of the established science concerning climate change, I oppose Governor Perry’s confirmation.”