Press Releases

“The House of Representatives today approved legislation to repeal common sense D.C. gun laws.  I believe that this legislation is reckless and irresponsible – and will lead to more weapons and violence on the streets of our nation’s capital.

The House bill would:

  • Repeal D.C.’s ban on semi-automatic weapons, including military-style assault weapons. 
  • Prohibit D.C. from enacting common sense guns laws, like requiring safe storage of guns even in homes with small children.   
  • Make it more difficult for police to trace guns used in crimes.   

How can anyone believe that eliminating such provisions is prudent? 

There is no good reason why anyone needs semi-automatic military assault weapons in an urban city.  We should not allow .50 caliber, military sniper rifles near the White House. 

As a former Mayor who saw firsthand what happens when guns fall into the hands of criminals, juveniles, and the mentally ill, I believe that the legislation approved today places the families of the District of Columbia in great jeopardy.

If this bill comes to the floor of the United States Senate, I will do everything in my power to stop it.”