Press Releases

“This is probably the most important appointment in more than a decade because it carries with it the balance of the Court on many critical issues. Justice O’Connor had a very unique role in that she often was the voice of moderation. Therefore Judge Alito’s views are very important.

If a Supreme Court appointment was just a mathematical computation of the law, it could be done by computer. But the fact of the matter is that questions of law are often influenced by individual’s judicial philosophy and temperament.  Therefore it is important for the Senate to learn about Judge Alito’s views on key issues, such as:

  • A woman’s right to choose;
  • One man one vote;
  • Regulation of firearms;
  • Expansion of Executive Power beyond the law;
  • Civil rights;
  • Environment; and
  • The separation of Church and State.

Because in 1985 he expressed his personal legal views on many of the above subjects, it is relevant to see if Judge Alito still holds those views today.”