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Washington, DC – The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released more than $2.9 million for drainage facility improvements in south San Diego County, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced.

FEMA today released $2,932,500 in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funds to the County of San Diego to be appropriated for drainage facility improvements in the Bonita-Sunnyside community.

The drainage facility is located at Central Avenue and Bonita Road in a residential neighborhood, near the Sunnyside Elementary School. This section of Central Avenue has a history of flooding during moderate to heavy storms because of the undersized reinforced concrete box canal under Central Avenue. The project will alleviate flooding as well improve the public safety for residents and motorists.

“This is good news for the Southern region of San Diego County,” Senator Feinstein said. “FEMA’s commitment to aiding a community affected by flood damages will go a long way in helping to ensure the safety of its citizens.”

Senator Feinstein has worked with San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox over the past year, aiding in the commencement of this hazard mitigation project to prevent further flood damages to the Bonita community.

The Central Avenue Flood Control Improvement Project proposes to construct a reinforced concrete canal, parallel to the north side of Central Avenue, which will flow along the same line as the existing channel. A 1,200 foot long floodwall will be constructed to improve water conveyance through the channel between Central Avenue and Audubon Court. The project also will include dissipaters and other devices, which will be designed to ensure proper flow of rainwater through the system.

“Senator Feinstein’s support of this venture has been tremendous, and both the County and the community are grateful for her help in securing the FEMA grant. Central Avenue has experienced significant amounts of flooding over the years and this flood control project will greatly reduce the damage to surrounding properties and roads,” Supervisor Cox said.

The County plans to start construction by early November, and the project is expected to be completed by September 2007.