Press Releases

“Late Thursday, I was informed by Antonio Garza, Ambassador of Mexico, about the arrest of Jorge Arroyo Garcia (aka Armando Garcia) in Jalisco, Mexico. This man is wanted for the murder of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy David March and has been the subject of an international manhunt after he fled to Mexico following Deputy March’s killing in April 2002.

This is great news. It represents a positive step forward, not only for justice in this terrible case, but in terms of overall cooperation between Mexico and the United States.

Unfortunately, a decision of the Mexican Supreme Court had prevented the extradition back to the United States of individuals wanted for the most serious of crimes – those which carry lifetime sentences. This meant that cop killers and murderers could escape justice simply by crossing our southern border. In November, the Supreme Court reversed the decision, and we can now begin to develop a workable extradition system.

I know how hard this has been for Deputy March’s survivors – his wife, Terry, with whom I spoke last night, and his brother, who have fought tirelessly for justice in this case, and in doing so have helped all Californians. My heart goes out to them. This has been a difficult fight.”