Press Releases

“The resignation of Secretary Rumsfeld is welcome and could represent a significant shift in direction by this Administration. I hope it opens the door to fresh ideas on Iraq.

Last night, the American people made their view clear that there needs to be change in Iraq policy. It seems that the message was received. I only wish it had been sooner.

Secretary Rumsfeld was stubborn and arrogant. He did not listen. He did not change course when it was apparent that a new path was needed.

Secretary Rumsfeld presided over a failed policy in Iraq. The borders were not secured. The munitions dumps were left unguarded. There was no follow-on force. There were not enough troops. This was the recipe for the chaos and violence that has ensued.

Under his leadership, we have seen our military stretched thin and its readiness diminished.

Bottom line: Secretary Rumsfeld’s resignation is welcome. I hope that the President’s nominee will work with the Congress to restore a clear-eyed and pragmatic view to our nation’s defense policy."