Press Releases

            Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on Tuesday night’s presidential debate: 

            “This morning I joined millions of Americans trying to process the spectacle that was last night’s presidential debate. I’ve never seen such a disgraceful performance by a president of either party.

            “As Joe Biden kept circling back to the issues and what he stands for, President Trump had one mission: attack. 

            “He attacked the debate moderator. He attacked Joe Biden’s family. He attacked the rule of law. He even attacked the very foundation of our democracy: elections and the peaceful transfer of power.

            “These aren’t the actions of a president. The levels to which this man will sink are unbelievable. 

            “Two things from last night in particular struck me: 

  • “First, the president refused to condemn white supremacist groups. He went so far as to tell one group to ‘stand by,’ a shocking suggestion that the president sees himself in a position to give direction to this group and may support armed violence if he loses the election. 
  • “Second, he clearly has no interest in letting the American people decide this election. The president said this election is illegitimate because he’s losing, plain and simple. To refuse to acknowledge the outcome of the race and step aside if he loses is the height of irresponsibility. 

            “Last night we saw the culmination of someone who will stop at nothing to stay in power and has no vision for leading this country through the crises we face. Our country has a rich tradition of democracy, and President Trump can’t be allowed to bring it crashing down.”