Press Releases

Washington—Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, today released the following statement on the recent attack in Nice, France:

“It’s becoming harder and harder to process the deadly terrorist attacks around the world, both at home and abroad. And it’s especially hard to grasp the terrible violence that France has faced.

“First Charlie Hebdo, then the Bataclan theatre massacre, now the horrendous rampage in Nice. My heart goes out to all the victims including the Americans killed and the students from Berkeley who were injured or are missing.

“What’s becoming clear to me is that we’re reaching a tipping point. We don’t know yet whether the attacker in Nice has connections to ISIL, but it doesn’t take a leap of faith to assume he was inspired by the rhetoric of death that ISIL excels at.

“The United States works closely with our allies in Europe and the Middle East, be it the sharing of information or the coordination of action against ISIL in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere. But I think we must do more.

“We can always work more closely with allied intelligence agencies. As these lone wolf attacks become more common, we need to do more to monitor social media and other methods of communication and radicalization that these individuals may use. We also need to do more to exploit our momentum against ISIL. We’ve taken a dozen cities back, but we need to hold those gains and push for more.

“These attacks rend the heart—the images of crushed bicycles, baby carriages, blood. But we must all remain strong and vigilant and not bow in the face of terror.”