Press Releases

Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on President Trump’s comments about refusing to fund the U.S. Postal Service to prevent mail-in voting:

“President Trump today said he will block funding for the Postal Service so that it cannot expand mail-in-voting during the coronavirus pandemic. By doing so he is not only threatening the integrity of our electoral system, he is putting lives at risk.

“In the middle of a global pandemic, the safest way for voters to cast their ballots is through the mail. It’s unbelievable that an American president wants to defund the Postal Service to prevent individuals from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

“Recent changes made by Trump appointees at the Postal Service have thrown into question whether the USPS can effectively deliver the mail or remain solvent. Staffing shortages, elimination of overtime pay and restrictions on late departures and extra trips have led to delayed or missing mail and unpredictable post office hours. Postal workers have even been told to leave mail behind on workroom floors and docks. That’s unacceptable.

“As we approach a momentous election where more Americans are expected to vote by mail than ever before, it’s critical that the Postal Service is able to deliver ballots on time. Any doubt or confusion risks disenfranchising a significant portion of the electorate.

 “Funding the Postal Service and allowing voters to safely cast their ballots shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We need to fix the problems at the Postal Service immediately so millions of Americans aren’t denied their right to vote. This must be included in the next bill moving through the Senate.”