Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today issued the following statement in response to a draft report on climate change produced by 13 federal agencies:

“This report leaves no doubt that climate change is real, it’s man-made and is already having a profound effect on the United States. The president shouldn’t ignore or try to censor the scientific conclusions of 13 federal agencies. Instead, he has a responsibility to listen to the scientists, learn how climate change is threatening our country and work with us to find achievable solutions.

“The draft report, which hasn’t yet been edited by the political leadership of the administration, warns that ‘human activities are now the dominant cause of the observed changes in climate.’

“The draft report documents that temperatures in the United States have already risen by about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1901, will increase by at least 2.5 degrees in the next few decades and could rise 8.7 degrees by late century if we don’t cut our greenhouse gas emissions.

“Similarly, sea levels have risen about 8 to 9 inches since 1880, are expected to rise another 6 to 14 inches by 2050 and could potentially rise more than 8 feet by the end of the century if polar ice sheets destabilize.

“In the western United States, the report warns of chronic drought by the end of this century due to reduced snowpack. At the same time, increased evaporation may strengthen sudden storms that cause severe floods. The anticipated effects on weather, agriculture, infrastructure and the oceans cannot be ignored.

“Up to this point, this administration has rejected the fact that human activity is driving climate change. This willful ignorance has made it almost impossible to address the risks highlighted in this report. Burying this report and refusing to act on its conclusions would be a dereliction of duty.”