Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today announced a $35 million grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods program to help fund a critical housing project in Los Angeles.

            “This grant will help a long-awaited project move forward and revitalize the Jordan Downs public housing project in Watts. Once complete, this effort will turn 700 existing public housing units into 1,569 new units of affordable housing for mixed-income, working families.

            “Homelessness and affordable housing remain two of the biggest challenges facing California. And we’re seeing the consequences of both problems with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

            “New, quality housing is an essential part of meeting these challenges, so I’m pleased to see this project move forward. I supported the city’s application for this grant and will continue supporting any effort to confront our housing crisis.”

            Feinstein previously wrote to HUD in support of Los Angeles’ grant application for this project.

            The HUD Choice Neighborhoods program helps fund affordable housing projects in order to sustainably develop neighborhoods into mixed-income neighborhoods with access to quality schools, services, transit and employment.