Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) today released the following statement after the House Select Committee on Benghazi released its report on the 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead:

“The report released today by Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee is, in a word, shameful.

“Since 1977, at least 66 brave Americans working at diplomatic posts abroad have been killed. But never before has such a tragedy been used to personally denigrate a Secretary of State until now.

“The committee took two years to complete this blatantly political report, six months longer than the 9/11 Commission. They squandered $7 million of taxpayer funds and diverted significant Defense Department, State Department and intelligence community resources.

“And what do we have to show for it? Yet another report that finds no wrongdoing by Secretary Clinton.

“The reason this report draws no new conclusions is that it’s the 10th report on the Benghazi attacks. The Senate Intelligence Committee laid out the facts in 2014 after a comprehensive review—conducted within the committee’s budget—that was unanimously approved by both parties.

“But rather than follow that bipartisan example, House Republicans instead wasted millions of dollars on yet another report in yet another attempt to denigrate Secretary Clinton. Simply put, this whole exercise demeans Congress.

“Here’s the bottom line: Day-to-day security decisions in Benghazi were made by State Department professionals, not Secretary Clinton. And even Republicans have admitted that no military assets could have reached Benghazi in time to alter the outcome. Former Marine Corps Commandant James Amos sat in my office and told me the same thing.

“Congress has a lot of work to do, and wasting taxpayer dollars on disgustingly political attacks is no way to get that work done.”