Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the Trump administration’s decision to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 airplanes until an investigation is completed into the cause of two recent crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia:

            “I strongly support the decision to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft until investigations into two recent crashes are complete and the aircraft are determined to be safe. It’s far better to be safe than sorry when public safety is at risk.

            “I first called for the grounding of these planes on Monday in a letter to the FAA acting administrator. It was clear to me then that the U.S. government needed to act.

            “Since then, a string of countries have banned flights by these aircraft including the European Union, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and now Canada. I’m glad the United States today decided to join the list of nations that insist upon safety.”