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Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today responded to President Trump’s call to end funding for Northern Triangle nations:

“President Trump this morning once again attacked Mexico and Central America, raising the specter of another so-called caravan to stoke fears of his political base and justify his ill-conceived border wall. His actions continue to be incredibly irresponsible and threaten to further destabilize the region.

“The only person who doesn’t understand why people are leaving El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is President Trump. The violence and intense poverty in those countries are forcing families to flee for their lives. A humanitarian crisis deserves a humanitarian response, not a heartless attack.

“We’ll never help improve living conditions in those countries if we further isolate them, a fact that President Trump refuses to acknowledge. Even members of Trump’s own administration say economic development in Central America is key to solving this crisis, but still the president refuses to listen.

“It’s clear that President Trump is prolonging his government shutdown for political reasons. I’m hopeful that congressional leaders can come together and end this wasteful stalemate without squandering billions of taxpayer dollars on the president’s absurd border wall.”