Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on President Trump’s decision to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports:

             “President Trump’s decision to impose steel and aluminum tariffs risks a global trade war where the only guarantee is higher prices for Californian businesses and consumers.

             “The president claims he’s acting to protect American jobs, but his misguided actions instead endanger the jobs of thousands of Californians, from longshoremen and manufacturers to agriculture workers and construction workers.

             “Almost 25 percent of the steel and aluminum imported the United States comes through California’s ports, generating more than $4 billion in trade activity.  And California’s manufacturers rely on those imports to produce everything from the steel beams used to build Costco warehouses to the aluminum cans that sit on the shelves.

             “Our trade partners, including the European Union, are now threatening reprisals, hitting American products with retaliatory tariffs. California’s agriculture exports and Levi’s blue jeans are already in the crosshairs.

             “Instead of targeting nations that are trading unfairly, the president has decided to penalize our closest partners and allies. His actions will only further isolate the United States, undermining the international trade system that has benefitted the United States the most.

             “President Trump thinks trade wars are easy to win, but unless the president reverses course, it will be American consumers, workers and families who will lose.”