Press Releases

Washington—Senator Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in opposition to Dr. Heather Wilson’s nomination as Secretary of the Air Force:

“The scandal surrounding Dr. Wilson’s previous work as a federal contractor and her derogatory statements concerning members of the LGBT community have left me with no choice but to oppose her nomination.

“After leaving Congress, Dr. Wilson was paid more than $450,000 of taxpayer money to lobby the federal government on behalf of four nuclear labs, a clear violation of federal law. During a Department of Energy inspector general investigation, Dr. Wilson was unable to document any work she actually did on behalf of the labs, and her employers were forced to repay the federal government for the cost of her services.

“Dr. Wilson has stated in the past that she ‘tolerates,’ but does not ‘approve of,’ LGBT individuals serving in the military. Her outdated beliefs have no place in a modern military that welcomes anyone willing to serve.

“Dr. Wilson’s history of violating government contracting rules and intolerance of LGBT Americans in uniform disqualify her from serving as Secretary of the Air Force.”