Press Releases


Agency:  General Services Administration

Project Name:  San Jose Courthouse Site Acquisition
Recipient:      General Services Administration
Location:      Washington, DC
Amount Requested:  $2,000,000

The Administrative Office of the Courts has prioritized site acquisition for a new courthouse in San Jose as its fourth-highest project for Fiscal Year 2011 with a request of $38.6 million.  In Fiscal Year 2000, Congress appropriated $10.8 million for acquisition of a San Jose courthouse site, but with increased Silicon Valley real estate prices this project was delayed.  The current courthouse does not have enough courtroom space to accommodate the district’s caseload, and has serious security deficiencies, such as no separate circulation for prisoners, judges, and the public and one entrance with a magnetometer and x-ray machine for public entry.  The City of San Jose has assisted the Court in identifying at least three suitable sites in the range of $15 million.  If the General Services Administration has this funding in place, it will be able to purchase property in Silicon Valley before real estate prices escalate. This project will benefit the taxpayer by providing a federal courthouse to meet caseload and security requirements.

USC Center for Community Development
Recipient:  University of Southern California
Location:  3720 South Flower Street, Suite 325, Los Angeles, CA 90089
Amount Requested:  $500,000

The University of Southern California’s (USC) Center for Religion and Civic Culture is working with local community leaders to establish a center to assist churches and the broader faith community in Los Angeles to promote economic development within their neighborhoods.  This center will provide technical assistance to congregations to start programs that will lead to financial literacy, affordable housing projects, and developing small business in their communities.  The requested funding will be used for a small business startup competitive grants program, which will provide up to $50,000 to individual businesses that will be incubated at the new center.  These businesses will receive on-site mentoring from center staff and USC MBA students.  These entrepreneurs will receive assistance to develop and write business plans, cover initial costs, seek the advice of accountants, and launch their new businesses.  Business will be allowed to stay at the center for up to three years.  This is a beneficial use of federal funding because it will help catalyze businesses and jobs in predominately low-income and underserved communities in greater Los Angeles.