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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today introduced the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Heritage Area Act, which would create California’s first National Heritage Area. Senator Feinstein was joined in introducing the bill by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

The bill will establish the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as a National Heritage Area, to be managed by the Delta Protection Commission. The goal of the National Heritage Area is to conserve and protect the Delta, its communities, its resources and its history.

The bill will have no effect on water rights or water contracts and creates no new regulatory authority or burden on local government or citizens.

Instead, the legislation authorizes federal assistance to a local process already required by State law that will elevate the profile of the Delta and provide the means to conserve and protect its valued communities, resources and history.

“The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is the largest estuary on the West Coast. It is the most extensive inland delta in the world, and a unique national treasure,” said Senator Feinstein.

“The National Heritage Area designation for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta will help local governments develop and implement a plan for a sustainable future by providing federal recognition, technical assistance and small amounts of funding to a community-based process already under way.”

Senator Boxer added: “This important legislation will help local communities work together to manage the Delta’s resources responsibly into the future.”


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