Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on President Trump’s comments about homelessness:

            “President Trump made two claims last night on Twitter about homelessness that need to be corrected.

            “First, he said homelessness isn’t a federal problem. That’s wrong. It’s a local, state AND federal problem, and it’s not just plaguing California.

            “The federal government already heavily invests in making sure Americans have roofs over their heads. Providing such assistance is absolutely a federal role.

            “Making sure at-risk Americans have access to health care, enough food to eat, training to find jobs – all of those are, in part, federal responsibilities. Providing adequate housing is no different.

            “Second, the president suggested California officials haven’t asked for federal assistance. That’s also wrong.

            “Governor Newsom asked for an additional 50,000 housing vouchers to house low-income families; I’ve asked HUD to do the same. We also asked for an increase in the value of vouchers to cover higher rents and incentives for landlords to accept more vouchers.

            “California is all-in on homelessness. Governor Newsom included $1 billion in the state’s budget. LA Mayor Garcetti budgeted more than $400 million for homelessness, the city passed a $1.2 billion bond and the county approved a new sales tax. San Francisco Mayor Breed succeeded in passing a $600 million bond. Cities and counties throughout the state have stepped up with resources.

            “As Governor Newsom has said, homelessness is California’s top priority. We call on the Trump administration to join the fight and help out with this national-level problem.”