Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on a compromise between the California Air Resources Board and Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW to continue producing fuel-efficient vehicles despite the Trump administration attempt to roll back federal fuel economy standards:

“This agreement between California and the large automakers is a huge victory in the battle against climate change.

“It’s clear the administration was never going to support this fight, so California stepped up and secured an agreement that will ensure new cars continue to meet strong standards for fuel efficiency.

“California has the authority to regulate tailpipe emissions under the Clean Air Act. Today, 13 states and the District of Columbia follow California’s standards, representing 40 percent of the market. That means as California goes, so goes the nation.

“Since the Ten-in-Ten Fuel Economy Act was passed in 2007, cars are emitting less pollution, families are saving money at the pump and auto manufacturers are meeting fuel-economy standards at lower-than-expected costs. The administration may be willing to walk away from that progress, but California isn’t.

“It’s clear these four automakers want a single national standard and will continue to work with California to build fuel-efficient vehicles. I encourage the administration to follow their lead and return to the negotiating table.”


  • In response to letters from Senator Feinstein, the 17 auto manufacturers called on the Trump administration to work with California to maintain the national fuel economy standards.

  • Senator Feinstein was the lead sponsor of the bipartisan Ten-in-Ten Fuel Economy Act. The bill passed in 2007 requires the administration to set the maximum feasible fuel economy standards, which are currently scheduled to increase to more than 50 mpg by 2025.

  • Under the Clean Air Act, California has unique authority to set its own tailpipe emissions, which 16 other states have mirrored. Prior to the Trump administration, California worked with the federal government to maintain a single national program.

  • Senator Feinstein is the lead cosponsor of a bill introduced by Senator Markey (D-Mass.) that would block the Trump Administration from taking any action that would effectively reduce the stringency of the fuel economy standards.

  • Senator Feinstein joined with Senator Harris to introduce a resolution supporting a single set of national fuel economy standards and recognizing California’s authority to set strong emissions standards.