Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after the U.S. Interior Department’s Interior Board of Land Appeals ruled that CEMEX mining rights to Soledad Canyon near Santa Clarita will expire in July 2020:

            “For nearly two decades, Santa Clarita has worked tirelessly to prevent CEMEX from mining on federal land next to this historic city. I’ve been a strong supporter of the city’s efforts and I’m extremely pleased that their battle is coming to a successful conclusion.

            “The IBLA’s ruling to finally end CEMEX’s long-term mining rights in Soledad Canyon is an excellent resolution to this case and I fully support it.

            “At Santa Clarita’s request, I inserted language into a federal spending bill last year that would withdraw the land from mining if CEMEX lost its appeal. Now that CEMEX’s appeal has been adjudicated, Santa Clarita will finally have the certainty it needs that no future mining will occur.

            “The environmental effects of CEMEX’s mining plan would have been terrible. More than 1,000 truck trips each day on already-crowded local roads. The mining of 56 million tons of sand and gravel from Soledad Canyon. The harm to air quality and wildlife in the area would have been tremendous.

            “Santa Clarita fought the good fight and won. I’m so proud of the city for not giving up and seeing this through. Clean air and public health are priceless, and today Santa Clarita proved that they’re worth fighting for.”