Press Releases

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is concerned about the safety of California residents affected by the wildfires.  She will continue to provide updates as the information is received by her office.  

Below is the latest information available from the California Department of Transportation, including the status of road closures and other fire-related activities reported at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23.   

Fire-related highway closure information can also be obtained from the Caltrans Web site at
Los Angeles (Caltrans District 7):
  • Route closures in Los Angeles County 1, 27, and 126 and Ventura County 126.
  • EOC is not activated.
  • Caltrans has 1 Maintenance field personnel at the REOC.
  • There are 2 OASIS units on stand by in District 7 available for use.
San Bernardino (Caltrans District 8):
  • Route closures in San Bernardino County 18, 138, 173, 189, and 330
  • EOC is currently in operation.
  • Caltrans has 1 person at the County EOC.
  • The Burnt Mill and Dry Creek Maintenance Stations on Highway 18 has been evacuated.
  • District 8 released a Caltrans Commuter Alert on 10/23/07 informing motorist of highway closures due to high winds (limited visibility) and fires.  
  • For Caltrans District 8 “News and Document Center,” please visit  
San Diego (Caltrans District 11):
  • Route closures on San Diego County 15, 67, 76, 78, 79, and 94
  • EOC is currently in operation.
  • Caltrans has 1 person at the County EOC.
  • Buckman Springs Rest Area has been closed due to lack of power from the fire.
Irvine (Caltrans District 12):
  • There are no route closures in District 12.  All toll road closures have been open.  Some local roads remain closed.
  • EOC is not activated.  Caltrans personnel are working out of the District TMC and the Incident Command Center at Irvine Park
  • District 12 has lost some tunnel lighting and will establish an emergency contract to replace the lights.
Sacramento (Caltrans Headquarters):
  • The National Guard requested permission to post videos of the fires in Southern California on the Department's website.  The Public Information Office is currently working with Information Technology to coordinate the effort.
  • Caltrans has approved an over-weight permit request from Wal-Mart to truck in supplies to the fire impacted areas.