Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement of support for a resolution expressing congressional support for Syrian Kurds:

            “The Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria are our allies. Full stop. To abandon them in the face of Turkish aggression, after all they’ve done and continue to do in the fight against ISIS, is shameful.

            “That’s why I strongly support the bipartisan, bicameral resolution that expresses support for the Kurds and calls on Turkey to immediately cease military operations in Syria. I commend Senators Menendez and Young for coming together with House cosponsors and bringing this resolution before the Senate.

            “If we turn our back on the Kurds, they’ll continue to turn to Bashar Assad and Russia for support, both of which are detrimental to our national security. We also risk the release of 12,000 ISIS fighters who are intent on returning to the fight and carrying out terrorist attacks abroad.

            “I believe the Kurds continue to desire a partnership with the United States and that’s the right path to follow. It’s clear that President Trump doesn’t understand this region or the successes we’ve had in brokering a partnership with the Kurds and a broad international coalition to confront ISIS and contain Assad. I call on him to listen to his advisors in the Pentagon and State Department before he makes an already dangerous situation even worse.”