Press Releases

Washington—Senator Feinstein today released the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to block President Obama’s American Jobs Act from Senate debate:

“It is unfortunate that politics today blocked the president’s jobs bill from even reaching the Senate floor for debate.

“Job creation should be the Senate’s number one priority. I don’t know how the American people can make it any clearer that they want Congress to take concrete steps to promote job creation.

“There is no question that infrastructure projects like building roads and bridges and modernizing transit systems and public schools would put Californians back to work—and do so quickly. The jobs bill directed more than $13 billion to California for transit projects, public school renovation and teacher and first-responder salaries. Tens of thousands of jobs could have been created. Instead, the Senate is back to square one.

“The bill would have also expanded payroll tax cuts—set to expire soon—a proven way to put more money into the pockets of working Americans.

“This would have been paid for by asking America’s millionaires and billionaires—those who have benefited from this economy while so many others have suffered—to contribute a little more.

“I continue to hope the Senate will come together, set aside politics and at least debate legislation to put America back to work.”