Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the Republican continuing resolution:

“I’ve supported passage of the Dream Act for more than a decade. I’ve been a vocal supporter of young people protected by DACA since President Obama created the program in 2012. I’ve been an advocate for CHIP, which insures millions of children, for two decades. I’m not new to these issues, and my positions haven’t changed.

“It’s absolutely unconscionable that Republicans are leaving these items out of their bill to fund the government. Given the lack of any realistic plan to pass the Dream Act and long-term CHIP funding, it’s my intention to vote against the continuing resolution.

“Around one-third of all young people protected by DACA live in California. I’ve talked with them, I’ve met with them, I understand their plight and it breaks my heart. In California, 200,000 DACA youth are living in fear. The government knows where they live, where they study and where they work, and unless Congress acts, they know the government can show up at any moment and deport them.

“To allow these young people to suffer is tragic.

“These young people came here through no choice of their own. Most know no other country than the United States. The country overwhelmingly believes they shouldn’t be deported. And yet all we get from Donald Trump and congressional Republicans is lip-service.

“I call on President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to do their job, include the Dream Act in this bill, include long-term funding for CHIP in this bill, include funding to stabilize the Affordable Care Act so millions don’t lose health care.

“Republicans so far this year have put on a terrific display in how not to run a government. Please do your job, the country demands it."