Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the administration’s need for an Iran strategy that will reduce tensions in the Middle East and avoid war:

“As the fallout from the strike on Qassem Soleimani continues, it has become evident to me that this action was a mistake.

“Never before do I recall a time when our country assassinated a top foreign government official. Yes, Soleimani organized attacks against Americans and our allies, but I have yet to see how killing this man will prevent Iran from posing an even greater threat against the United States and our interests.

“Here’s what we do know has happened in the wake of the strike:

  • Iran has announced it will no longer be bound by the 2015 nuclear agreement, paving the way for additional enrichment of uranium and increased nuclear proliferation.
  • Iranian officials have announced they intend to retaliate against the United States, our allies and our interests.
  • Iraq’s parliament voted to expel U.S. forces from Iraq, an act that would reduce our ability to address terrorism in the region, especially from ISIS, and strengthen Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

“What we need now is less bluster and more responsibility. We need a strategy to reduce the risk of war, increase Iran’s nonproliferation compliance, weaken terrorist actors and preserve our influence in the region. Lacking such a strategy, I’m concerned we’re simply lurching ever-closer to open, sustained conflict.”