Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today announced the Federal Transit Administration has awarded an $86.75 million grant to fund the San Bernardino West Valley Connector Bus Rapid Transit project.

“I’d like to thank Transportation Secretary Buttigieg and the FTA for this grant that will continue the much-needed process of improving transit options in San Bernardino,” Feinstein said. “Providing fast, frequent bus service that connects the Ontario airport, key business hubs and communities throughout the region will improve quality of life and provide business growth and job creation opportunities throughout the region.

“These are zero-emission buses that operate these routes, so we’re not only moving people throughout the region quicker, we’re doing so in an environmentally conscious way. I hope to see more smart investments like this as we continue to improve and modernize our nation’s infrastructure under the Biden administration.”

The first phase of the project covers 19 miles of roadway. It will upgrade an existing stretch of Route 61 which runs along Holt Boulevard and add 3.5 miles of center-running, bus-only lanes.

This phase will also add 21 stations to provide a better transit connection to Ontario International Airport and connect the airport and two Metrolink lines in San Bernardino and Riverside. It will also improve connections to Ontario Mills and Victoria Gardens.