Press Releases

“It’s truly a great day for the United States of America. A great day for justice and the law. And a great day for every young woman out there who says, ‘Yes I can, I can do it if I work hard.’ That is the message of Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

She brings twenty-nine and a half years of legal experience to the Supreme Court. She has seen every aspect of the law – as a prosecutor, as a business lawyer, as a district court judge, and as an appellate court judge. She knows the federal courts. And she knows what justice is, up close and personal, when someone has a case before her.

She visited close to 90 Senators. She had a broken ankle. She sat behind that table with the leg propped up and in pain, day after day after day. She did not lose her cool. The questions were hard. They probed, they pricked, they tested. And she did not take the bait.

She’s going to be a wonderful Supreme Court Justice. Our nation is going to be exceptionally well-served.”