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Deadline to apply for FEMA grants is December 11

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement today on individual assistance grants made available by FEMA for Californians victimized by the this season’s wildfires. The deadline to apply for the grants is December 11.

“More than 1 million acres have been scorched by wildfires in California, and while families in the hard-hit North Bay and throughout our state continue to rebuild, FEMA has been working overtime to help. To apply for assistance, individuals should contact FEMA as soon as possible.

“Many families assume that insurance will cover all fire-related costs. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in the aftermath of other disasters, that’s not always the case. I encourage those affected to get in touch with FEMA right away—don’t wait until the December 11 deadline.”

While unprecedented wildfires have ravaged California all year, October proved to be a particularly destructive month, with 245,000 acres burned, 43 people killed and billions of dollars in damage done.

Individual assistance grants provide up to $34,000 per household. Information on registration can be found here.