Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on President Trump’s remarks today regarding the federal courts:

“President Trump today bragged about stacking the court with his own judges – judges who will serve his agenda, not the public interest. This shows a clear misunderstanding of the role of our federal judiciary, which is to uphold all laws equally and without consideration of political party.

“It’s no secret that Senate Republicans have rushed to confirm as many Trump nominees as possible. After years spent blocking President Obama’s nominees – including the unprecedented decision to hold a Supreme Court seat vacant for a year – federal courts already had 112 vacancies when President Trump took office, compared to just 53 vacancies when President Obama took office.

“Republicans are now disregarding Senate norms and traditions in order to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. They’re ramming nominees through the confirmation process and limiting floor debate to obscure nominees’ records.

“They’re ignoring home-state senators’ role in the nomination process to confirm ideologues whose views don’t reflect the interests of people living in those states.

“They’re pushing through nominees who refuse to answer senators’ questions and withhold inflammatory writings and statements to hide their extreme views.

“And they’re confirming judges who fail to receive a qualified rating from the American Bar Association. Nine of President Trump’s nominees have been rated not qualified, compared to zero under President Obama.

“The result is a judiciary packed with young judges whose views are far outside the mainstream. Instead of serving as neutral arbiters, these judges will push a conservative agenda that will have lasting effects for generations.”