Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after voting against the Republican budget:

“Budget resolutions like the one we voted on today are largely a statement of priorities, and it’s clear that Republicans have only one priority: tax cuts for the rich. And they’re intent on cutting taxes for the rich even if it means gutting the social safety net for the most vulnerable Americans. Their budget would slash $5 trillion from critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid, student aid, transportation infrastructure and law enforcement.

“Despite these drastic cuts, the Republicans’ budget would still vastly increase our national debt because tax cuts for the rich are so incredibly expensive. The same Republicans who criticized deficit spending under President Obama would run up the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion in order to benefit the richest Americans.

“In addition to their dangerous budget proposal, Republicans are also trying to exploit budget rules to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. This maneuver would only serve to further degrade the bipartisan traditions of the Senate.

“Republicans should abandon their strategy of drafting these proposals behind closed doors. They failed when they did so with health care and they’ll fail if they repeat that strategy with tax reform.

“All of us support a simpler, fairer tax code for the middle class. Let’s focus on that goal and stop wasting time on a budget with dangerously misplaced priorities.”