Press Releases


Agency: Department of Defense

Project Title: Air National Guard Squadron Operations Facility

Recipient:     California Air National Guard    
Location:    Fresno Yosemite International ANG
5323 East McKinley Ave, Fresno 93727-2199
Amount Requested:  $9,800,000

The 144th Fighter Wing provides air defense protection for the western United States.  The United States Air Force has slated the 144th Fighter Wing to receive F-15 fighter aircraft in fiscal year 2012 to replace their aging fleet of F-16 Fighting Falcons, but an updated and appropriate squadron operations facility will not receive funding until fiscal year 2014.  The current facilities are overcrowded, have antiquated ventilation and climate control systems, and have allowed water damage to interior areas, including computer equipment.  This project would provide the necessary facilities to house the current F-16s and accommodate the growing workforce, sensitive information systems, and other needs that accompany the F-15 fighters, including intelligence requirements, briefing areas, flight planning and safety, and administration.  

This facility was approved in the Senate’s fiscal year 2007 Military Construction Appropriations bill, but was not funded due to the passage of a continuing resolution for funding the Federal government.