Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in opposition to Scott Pruitt’s nomination as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:

“Respect for scientific inquiry and a desire to preserve a healthy environment are core attributes necessary to lead the EPA. Scott Pruitt possesses neither quality, and therefore I must oppose his nomination.

“More than 75,000 Californian’s have contacted my office in opposition to Mr. Pruitt’s confirmation. They are worried he won’t enforce our existing environmental laws and will refuse to address the real threat of climate change. I agree with them.

“During his confirmation hearing, Mr. Pruitt acknowledged that human activity has played a role in climate change. However, his record and ties to major fossil fuel polluters demonstrate extreme hostility toward that view. Throughout his career in Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt sued the EPA numerous times over its right to enforce regulations of carbon emissions, fought to block federal air and water regulation and challenged the science behind many of the agency’s decisions.

“Mr. Pruitt refused to commit to allow states to develop their own stronger environmental standards, including upholding California’s waiver to establish higher fuel economy standards. These are radical views for someone charged with implementing our nation’s environmental laws.

“It seems that Mr. Pruitt’s only goal may be to weaken from within the very agency he has battled for decades. Confirming Mr. Pruitt as EPA administrator would be an affront to the ideal that a healthy environment is the right of every American.”