Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on reporting that President Trump has asked for options to mount a military strike in Iran and is pursuing a withdrawal of thousands of U.S. troops from Afghanistan:

            “President Trump’s last-minute foreign policy moves are threatening our national security and could have lasting effects well beyond his final months in office. This is especially worrying as the president continues to obstruct a peaceful, timely transition from his administration to President-elect Biden’s.

            “The New York Times reported last night that President Trump asked last week for military options to strike an Iranian nuclear site, an escalation that could provoke a violent response from Iran and leads us into another war.

            “The president is also reportedly intent on arbitrarily withdrawing half of the remaining U.S. forces in Afghanistan before year’s end. Such a move would endanger any hope for peace between the Afghans and Taliban, leave a vacuum of power in an unstable region, abandon our NATO allies who have fought alongside us and ultimately make us less safe.

            “Make no mistake: President Trump is salting the earth on his way out. Having lost the election, he’s now trying to tie President-elect Biden’s hands on foreign policy. The American people have spoken overwhelmingly, and it’s time for the president to listen to them and focus on ensuring a smooth transition in the interest of national security.”