Press Releases

June 2018

Date Title
6/27/18 Feinstein Statement on Kennedy Retirement
6/27/18 Feinstein, Tester Send Letter to Secretary DeVos in Support of TRIO Funding
6/26/18 Feinstein Statement on Supreme Court Decision on California Law Ensuring Accurate Information Regarding Women’s Health
6/26/18 Feinstein Statement on Travel Ban Decision
6/25/18 Feinstein, Cantwell, King Join Bipartisan Call for Increased Funding for Agriculture Export Programs
6/25/18 Senate Passes Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
6/25/18 Feinstein Bill Would Regulate Social Media Bots Designed to Influence U.S. Elections
6/25/18 Feinstein Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Racial Gerrymandering
6/25/18 Feinstein Requests Judiciary Committee Hearing On Family Separations
6/21/18 Feinstein Speaks on Trump Executive Order
6/21/18 Feinstein: Trump Administration Must Reunite Families Immediately
6/20/18 Feinstein Statement on Executive Order
6/19/18 Fact-Check: Bill to Keep Families Together Does Not Bar Prosecutions, Mandate Release
6/19/18 Feinstein: Trump Wrong to Call Protections for Unaccompanied Children ‘Loopholes’
6/18/18 Feinstein: Defense Bill Contains Dangerous Nuclear Weapons Provisions
6/18/18 Feinstein, Murphy, Cassidy, Colleagues Request FDA Take Action to Address Drug Shortages
6/14/18 Feinstein Statement on Family Separation, Protections for Unaccompanied Minors
6/14/18 Feinstein Remarks on Justice Department IG Report
6/14/18 Feinstein to Facebook: Clarify Relationship with Huawei
6/13/18 Feinstein on Lake Tahoe Clarity Report
6/13/18 Democratic Senators Ask SEC Inspector General to Investigate Reported Remarks to Citibank on Firearms Policy
6/13/18 Congressional Resolution Honors Golden State Warriors’ Championship Season
6/13/18 Senators to Pompeo: Divisive Comments by Ambassador Grenell Strain Relations with Allies
6/12/18 Senators Introduce Resolution in Support of American Flower Industry
6/12/18 Feinstein on North Korea Summit