Press Releases

June 2017

Date Title
6/21/17 Feinstein Seeks to Expand Tax Credit to Put Money Back Into Pockets of Working Families
6/20/17 Feinstein Speaks Against Republican Health Care Repeal Efforts
6/16/17 Feinstein Statement on Trump Administration Immigration Actions
6/16/17 Feinstein on Trump Statements
6/15/17 Feinstein, Harris, Pelosi, Lee Introduce Resolution Congratulating Warriors Epic Championship Run
6/15/17 Feinstein Lays Out Next Steps for Judiciary Committee Investigation
6/15/17 Feinstein, Harris: Don’t Touch California’s Marine Sanctuaries
6/15/17 Feinstein Statement on Russian Sanctions Vote
6/14/17 Feinstein Statement on Alexandria Shooting
6/14/17 Feinstein Speaks on Importance of Senators on Judicial Nominations
6/14/17 Feinstein Statement on San Francisco Shooting
6/13/17 Feinstein Questions Sessions on Firing of FBI Director Comey
6/13/17 Feinstein: Trump Can’t Fire Mueller
6/13/17 Feinstein: Medicaid Cuts Would Devastate Care for California Seniors
6/12/17 California Senators to Zinke: Protect Our National Monuments
6/9/17 Feinstein: Judiciary Should Investigate All Matters Related to Obstruction of Justice
6/9/17 Judiciary Committee Calls on Comey’s Friend to Provide Memos on Conversations with Trump
6/9/17 Feinstein: Section 702 Reauthorization Important, Needs Changes
6/7/17 Senators Introduce Legislation to Improve Affordable Care Act, Make Coverage More Affordable for Middle-Class Families
6/7/17 Feinstein on Iran Sanctions Vote
6/6/17 Feinstein: Trump Nominee Should Recuse Himself from Cadiz Water Project
6/2/17 Feinstein Statement on Intelligence Chairman Demanding Return of Torture Report Copies
6/1/17 Feinstein: President’s Decision to Leave Paris Climate Agreement Weakens Our Nation

May 2017

Date Title
5/31/17 Feinstein: Climate Change Retreat Would Be a Reckless Mistake
5/25/17 Feinstein Continues to Work to Reunite Filipino World War II Veterans with Their Families