Press Releases

May 2017

Date Title
5/1/17 Senators Reintroduce COAST Act in Response to Trump Executive Order to Expand Offshore Drilling

April 2017

Date Title
4/28/17 Feinstein, Harris Introduce Resolution Commemorating 25th Anniversary of Los Angeles Civil Unrest
4/28/17 Senators Introduce Resolution Commemorating National Sexual Assault Awareness
4/28/17 Feinstein Opposes Offshore Drilling Executive Order
4/28/17 Feinstein Statement on Trump 100 Days
4/27/17 Senators Call on Trump Administration to Protect Coastlines from Offshore Oil Drilling
4/27/17 Feinstein: New Report Shows Devastating Effect if Republicans Sabotage Affordable Care Act
4/26/17 Feinstein: Latest House Health Care Scheme Would Devastate Care for Millions
4/26/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Urge Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan to Focus on Funding for Opioid Crisis and Medical Research in Government Spending Bill
4/26/17 Feinstein Opposes Acosta Nomination
4/26/17 Senators Urge Continuation of Program that Reunites Filipino World War II Veterans with Their Families
4/19/17 Bipartisan Group of Senators Call for Action on Chechen Human Rights Violations Towards LGBT Community
4/12/17 Senators Lead Bipartisan Resolution Supporting Sea Grant Program
4/12/17 Feinstein: Do Not Shift Limited Resources to Immigration Prosecutions
4/11/17 Feinstein to Hold Town Halls in San Francisco, Los Angeles
4/7/17 Members of Congress Introduce Cluster Munitions Legislation
4/7/17 Senators Introduce Global Anti-Corruption Legislation with Strong Bipartisan Support
4/7/17 Senators Call for Continued Investment in Public Transportation
4/7/17 Feinstein Statement on Syria Missile Attack
4/7/17 Feinstein Joins Effort to Preserve 60 Vote Threshold for Legislation
4/6/17 Senators Introduce Legislation to Allow Commonsense Regulation of Fracking
4/5/17 Feinstein, Warner, Portman Introduce Legislation to Address NPS Service Maintenance Backlog
4/5/17 Senate Passes Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Ethnic, Religious & Racial Hate Crimes
4/4/17 Feinstein: Justice Department Shouldn’t Move Backward on Police Reforms
4/4/17 Feinstein Statement on Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria