Press Releases

November 2017

Date Title
11/30/17 Senators to Trump Administration: Reject Calls for New Nuclear Weapons
11/29/17 Feinstein Speaks in Support of Blue Slip Policy
11/29/17 Explaining the Senate’s Blue Slip Process
11/29/17 Senators to Netanyahu: Stop Israeli Demolition of West Bank Villages
11/29/17 Feinstein Sends New Tranche of Request Letters Related to Russia Investigation
11/28/17 Feinstein: Cadiz, Trump Administration Can’t Ignore Law
11/28/17 Feinstein Statement on National Adoption Month
11/21/17 Feinstein, Democratic Women Senators to McConnell: Pass the Dream Act Before Senate Recesses in December
11/21/17 Feinstein to Interior Secretary Zinke: Protect African Elephants
11/17/17 Feinstein, Harris: White House Ignores Wildfire Victims
11/17/17 Feinstein Requests Answers on Talley Conflicts, Online Commentary
11/17/17 Judiciary Democrats Denounce Grassley Blue Slip Decision
11/16/17 Feinstein on Grassley Blue Slip Decision
11/16/17 Senators Introduce Fix NICS Act to Enhance Compliance, Ensure Accuracy of Existing Background Check System for Firearms Purchases
11/16/17 Feinstein: Republican Tax Reform Hits Middle Class
11/16/17 Feinstein, Harris Call for Waived Fees for California Wildfire Victims Replacing Immigration Documents
11/16/17 Feinstein, Grassley Request Additional Information from Jared Kushner
11/16/17 Feinstein, Harris Request State Department Waive Passport Replacement Fees for Californians Impacted by Wildfires
11/15/17 Feinstein Statement on Rancho Tehama Reserve Shooting
11/15/17 Senate Democrats Call On DHS To Accept DACA Applications Delayed By Postal Service
11/15/17 Feinstein: Tax Bill Made Worse by ACA Repeal
11/15/17 Feinstein Sends Second Tranche of Request Letters Related to Russia Investigation
11/15/17 Feinstein Speaks On Judicial Nominees
11/14/17 Feinstein Opposes Nomination of CIA Torture Lawyer
11/14/17 Senate Passes Bill Requiring U.S. Amateur Athletic Organizations to Report Sexual Abuse