Press Releases

May 2016

Date Title
5/11/16 Feinstein, Grassley Praise House Passage of Bill to Fight Drug Trafficking
5/10/16 Feinstein Statement on Anniversary of House Benghazi Committee
5/10/16 Feinstein Urges Consideration of Garland Nomination to Supreme Court

April 2016

Date Title
4/29/16 Feinstein, Cornyn Introduce Bill to Protect Child Sex Abuse Victims
4/28/16 Senators Urge SEC to Finalize Dodd-Frank Conflicts of Interest Rule
4/27/16 Feinstein: Irresponsible Drone Use in California Continues
4/26/16 Feinstein Supports Legislation to Combat Campus Sexual Assault
4/19/16 FAA Reauthorization Bill Includes Key Drone Safety Provisions
4/18/16 Law Enforcement Announces Support for Draft Encryption Proposal
4/18/16 Senate Democrats Call For Immediate Passage of Zika Virus Funding Request
4/14/16 Bill Advanced to Extend Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Victims
4/13/16 Subcommittee Passes Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
4/13/16 Intelligence Committee Leaders Release Discussion Draft of Encryption Bill
4/12/16 Feinstein Statement on CFTC Legislation
4/8/16 Amendment Introduced to Protect California’s Ability to Oversee Drone Use
4/7/16 Feinstein Files Amendment to Encourage Residential Water Conservation
4/1/16 Senators Praise Creation of Task Force to Prevent Aliso Canyon-Style Gas Leaks

March 2016

Date Title
3/24/16 Feinstein Statement on Iran Hacking Indictments
3/24/16 Feinstein Calls on President to Direct Agencies to Increase Pumping
3/23/16 Feinstein Supports State Bill on Aliso Canyon
3/22/16 Feinstein Statement on Brussels Terror Attack
3/21/16 Feinstein, Boxer Call for Nonstop Flights From California to Cuba
3/18/16 Senate Democrats Push CFTC to Curb Excessive Speculation in Futures Contracts
3/18/16 Senators Push for Funding to Repair Crumbling Water Infrastructure
3/18/16 Feinstein Statement on LAX Drone Incident