Press Releases

November 2017

Date Title
11/13/17 Feinstein, Senators Work to Prevent Undue White House Interference with Justice Department Antitrust Enforcement Decisions
11/13/17 Feinstein: Google Correct to Remove al-Awlaki Videos
11/13/17 Feinstein on Trump Judge Nominee’s Failure to Disclose Conflict
11/9/17 Lawmakers Call For Reversal of Administration Decision to Expose Thousands to Dangerous Deportations
11/9/17 Feinstein and Harris Introduce Legislation to Protect Earthquake Loss Mitigation Incentive Ahead of Senate GOP Tax Bill Release
11/8/17 Senators Introduce Assault Weapons Ban
11/8/17 New Bill Strengthens Review Process of Foreign Investments to Protect National Security
11/8/17 Feinstein, Harris: Republican Tax Plan Cruelly Eliminates Wildfire, Natural Disaster Deduction
11/7/17 Feinstein: Wildfire Victims Should Contact FEMA for Grant Information
11/7/17 Senators Press For Consumer-Friendly GMO Labeling
11/7/17 Feinstein Statement on Protected Status for Hondurans and Nicaraguans
11/6/17 Feinstein, Senate Democrats Call For Comprehensive Disaster Relief
11/5/17 Feinstein Statement on Sutherland Springs Shootings
11/3/17 Feinstein, California Leaders Urge Trump to Prioritize Disaster Assistance in Aftermath of Historic Wildfires
11/2/17 Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Asbestos, Protect Public Health
11/2/17 Feinstein, Harris Raise Concerns About Wireless Emergency Alert System Deficiencies During California Wildfires
11/2/17 Feinstein Statement on Judicial Nominees
11/2/17 Feinstein: Republicans Look to Cut Taxes for Rich at Expense of Middle Class
11/2/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Urge Sessions to Protect Transgender Workers from Discrimination
11/1/17 Feinstein Continues to Advocate for Section 702 Warrant Requirement
11/1/17 Feinstein, Western Senators Urge Trump, Senate Leaders to Prioritize Wildfire Disaster Response in Next Aid Package
11/1/17 Feinstein: President Must Not Sow Division
11/1/17 Feinstein Requests Hearing on Detention of Rosa Maria Hernandez

October 2017

Date Title
10/31/17 Feinstein: National Parks Should Remain Affordable for All
10/31/17 Feinstein: Regulating Bump-Stocks Won’t Close Automatic Weapons Loophole