Press Releases

January 2018

Date Title
1/9/18 Feinstein: American People Deserve Opportunity to Read Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS Transcript
1/9/18 Feinstein Calls On Federal Government to Remove Dead Trees That Fuel Wildfires
1/9/18 Feinstein Welcomes Harris, Booker to Judiciary Committee
1/8/18 Feinstein Statement on Protected Status for El Salvadorans
1/5/18 Senators to Trump Administration: Reject Census Citizenship Question
1/4/18 Feinstein: Death of ‘Election Commission’ Long Overdue
1/4/18 Feinstein Opposes Trump’s Offshore Oil Drilling Proposal
1/3/18 Feinstein Sends Request Letters Related to Russia Investigation

December 2017

Date Title
12/22/17 Feinstein, Harris, Warren, Blumenthal Introduce Bill to Empower State AG Enforcement for National Banks
12/22/17 Senate Democrats Fight for Transparency in Corporate Political Spending
12/21/17 Without DACA, CHIP, Feinstein To Vote Against Continuing Resolution
12/21/17 Feinstein Statement on Republican CR
12/21/17 Feinstein, Harris to Trump: Declare Southern California Wildfires a Major Disaster
12/21/17 Senate Democrats Demand DOT Hold Railroads Accountable for Implementation of PTC After Fatal Derailments and Safety Shortfalls
12/20/17 Senators Urges Leadership to Strike GOP Provisions Preempting State Safety Laws For Truck Drivers
12/20/17 Feinstein: Republican Tax Cut Bill Raises Taxes on Half of American Families
12/20/17 Senators Call on DNI Coats To Act on Sexual Discrimination, Harassment
12/18/17 Senators Urge Removal Environmental Riders from Spending Package
12/18/17 Feinstein Statement on Judiciary Nominee Withdrawals
12/15/17 Feinstein, Senators Call on EEOC to Address Rampant Sexual Harassment of Tipped Workers
12/15/17 Feinstein: Republican Bill Raises Taxes on Middle-Class Families
12/14/17 Feinstein on Grasz, Ho, Willett Nominations
12/14/17 Feinstein on Sandy Hook Anniversary
12/12/17 Legislation to Prevent Discharge of Non-Citizen Military Personnel Signed Into Law
12/12/17 Feinstein Sends Request Letters Related to Russia Investigation