Press Releases

March 2015

Date Title
3/25/15 Feinstein, Boxer Oppose Blanket Extension of PTC Implementation Deadline
3/24/15 Senate Coalition Introduces Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Legislation
3/23/15 Feinstein Supports Call for Crude-by-Rail Safety Investments
3/23/15 Bill Would Ensure California Seismic Safety Upgrades Proceed
3/20/15 Feinstein Statement on the Export-Import Bank
3/19/15 Feinstein, Leahy Introduce Bill to Ensure Consumers are Informed about BPA
3/18/15 Feinstein Statement on Israeli Election
3/18/15 Feinstein Statement on Medical Marijuana
3/18/15 Intelligence Committee Introduces Cyber Bill, Addresses Privacy Concerns
3/12/15 Senate Intelligence Committee Advances Cybersecurity Legislation
3/11/15 Senators Urge Approval of Late Health Care Enrollment for Pregnant Women
3/9/15 Feinstein Statement on Republicans’ Iran Letter
3/6/15 Lawmakers Lead Bicameral Amicus to Supreme Court on Marriage Equality Cases
3/4/15 Feinstein Applauds McDonalds Decision on Antibiotic-free Chicken
3/4/15 Senators Introduce Iran Congressional Oversight Act
3/3/15 Bill Designates Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as National Heritage Area
3/3/15 Senators Ask for Additional Measures to Help Pregnant Women Get Health Care
3/2/15 Feinstein Statement on Mikulski Reelection Decision
3/2/15 Senators Introduce Bill to Combat Overuse of Antibiotics in Agriculture

February 2015

Date Title
2/26/15 Feinstein Expresses Support for Rail Safety
2/26/15 California Senators Introduce Bill to Help Restore San Francisco Bay
2/26/15 Feinstein, Toomey Introduce Bill to Repeal Ethanol Mandate
2/25/15 Senators Urge USDA to Update Pathogen Standards for Beef, Pork
2/24/15 Senators Introduce Bill to Stop Terrorists from Buying Firearms, Explosives
2/19/15 Feinstein, Boxer Urge Swift Agreement to West Coast Ports Dispute