Press Releases

July 2017

Date Title
7/21/17 Judiciary Committee to Interview Trump, Jr., Manafort
7/20/17 Feinstein on CBO Score of Senate Republican Health Care Bill
7/20/17 Feinstein: Aliso Canyon Should Remain Closed
7/19/17 Feinstein, Markey Lead Call for Comprehensive Review by Trump Administration of Role of Nuclear Weapons in U.S. Security
7/19/17 Feinstein Cosponsors Revamped DISCLOSE Act to Address Threats to America’s Campaign Finance System
7/19/17 Feinstein on CBO Score of Repeal Bill
7/19/17 Feinstein on HHS Analysis of Cruz Amendment
7/18/17 Feinstein: California Leading the Charge on Climate Change
7/18/17 Feinstein Statement on Health Care
7/13/17 Feinstein: Liu Xiaobo Deserved Better
7/13/17 Feinstein Statement on Senate Health Care Bill
7/13/17 Members of Congress Introduce Refund Equality Act to Provide Equal Tax Treatment for Married Same-Sex Couples
7/13/17 Feinstein Sets the Record Straight on Blue Slip, Speaks Against Right-Wing Nominees
7/13/17 Feinstein Urges Justice Department to Investigate
7/13/17 Feinstein: California Should Extend Cap-and-Trade Program
7/12/17 Feinstein Speaks at Wray Nomination Hearing
7/12/17 Feinstein: Protect Senate ‘Advise-and-Consent’ Role on Judicial Nominees
7/11/17 Feinstein to California Senators: Protect Mojave Desert From Cadiz
7/11/17 Feinstein Statement on Trump Emails
7/11/17 Senators Urge DEA to Lower Opioid Quotas to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse
7/11/17 Feinstein: No Question Senate Republican Health Care Bill Decimates Medicaid
7/10/17 Feinstein, Harris Oppose House Water Bill
7/6/17 Feinstein: Immoral to Gut Medicaid
7/6/17 Feinstein: Plans Must Cover Essential Care
7/5/17 Feinstein: Senate Republican Health Care Bill Devastating for Women