Press Releases

October 2017

Date Title
10/24/17 Intelligence Committee Votes Down Section 702 Warrant Requirement Amendment
10/19/17 Feinstein: Republican Budget Nothing More Than Tax Cuts for Rich
10/19/17 Feinstein Statement on Justice Department Denial of Care to Undocumented Women
10/19/17 Feinstein: Trump Should Not Interview U.S. Attorney Candidates
10/18/17 Feinstein Statement on Bipartisan Health Care Bill
10/18/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Press Senate Leadership to Include Bipartisan Wildfire Funding Fix in Upcoming Disaster Aid Legislation
10/18/17 Feinstein, Murphy Introduce Bill to Block Latest Trump Travel Ban
10/18/17 Feinstein Speaks at Sessions Oversight Hearing
10/17/17 Feinstein, Harris Raise Concerns About Wireless Emergency Alert System Deficiencies During California Wildfires
10/17/17 Feinstein, Democrats Call on Justice Department to Produce Documents That May Show Coordination with Trump Voter Fraud Commission
10/16/17 Feinstein: Democrats Vetting Trump Nominees, No Obstruction
10/16/17 Feinstein: Trump Administration Greenlighting Cadiz’s Harmful Mojave Water Project
10/13/17 Feinstein: Trump Iran Nuclear Agreement Decision Reckless, Irresponsible
10/13/17 Feinstein: Trump Decision on ACA Subsidies “Appalling”
10/12/17 Feinstein Statement on Taliban Release of Coleman Family
10/12/17 Feinstein to EPA: Don’t Repeal Clean Power Plan
10/11/17 Feinstein: Trump Tax Proposal Eliminates Major Middle-Class Deduction
10/11/17 Feinstein: Don’t Cede Senate’s ‘Advise and Consent’ Role
10/11/17 Members of Congress to Trump: Listen to Fishermen, Save Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine
10/11/17 Feinstein: Congress Shouldn’t Pass the Buck on Bump-Fire Stocks
10/10/17 Feinstein Statement on California’s Wildfires
10/10/17 Feinstein: Repealing Clean Power Plan Ignores Reality
10/10/17 Feinstein, Harris Call for Expedited Federal Assistance for California Wildfires
10/9/17 Feinstein Statement on Trump Administration Immigration Priorities
10/5/17 Feinstein to Trump: Don’t Abandon Iran Nuclear Agreement