Press Releases

September 2009

Date Title
9/24/09 Feinstein Statement on UN Security Council Resolution on Nuclear Weapons
9/24/09 Senator Feinstein Introduces Resolution Designating October as “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”
9/24/09 EPA Responds to Feinstein Concerns about Murkowski Amendment Files
9/22/09 Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Klobuchar and Snowe Applaud EPA’s Final Rule-Making to Establish Greenhouse Gas Emissions Registry
9/17/09 Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Bill to Combat Criminal Arsonists
9/17/09 Senate Approves Feinstein Transportation Funding Requests, Including $50 Million for Commuter Rail Safety
9/17/09 Senator Feinstein Urges Swift Senate Approval of the $32.1 Billion Interior Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2010
9/16/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on New Report on the Status of Political Prisoners in Burma
9/9/09 Senator Feinstein Announces Funding for 10 New C-17s
9/4/09 Senator Feinstein Applauds U.S. Energy Department’s Decision to Provide $535 Million Energy Loan Guarantee to California-Based Solar Company, Solyndra

August 2009

Date Title
8/31/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Deaths of Two Los Angeles County Firefighters Killed on Mt. Gleason
8/28/09 Concerns Regarding Healthcare Reform Files
8/27/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Toyota’s Decision to Withdraw from Fremont’s NUMMI Joint Venture
8/26/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senator Ted Kennedy
8/24/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Release of Documents Related to CIA Interrogation and Detention Program and Renewed Commitment to Army Field Manual Standard for Interrogations
8/20/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein On Reported Use of Contractors in Discontinued CIA Program
8/18/09 Senator Feinstein Urges Colleagues to Pass Data Breach Legislation Following Indictment of Hackers For Attack on U.S. Retail and Banking Networks
8/11/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein On Unjust Sentencing of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
8/6/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senate Approval of Additional $ 2 Billion to Extend the “Cash for Clunkers” or “CARS” Program
8/6/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Judge Sotomayor’s Confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
8/4/09 Senator Feinstein Statement Supporting Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor
8/4/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Pardon of Euna Lee and Laura Ling
8/3/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Decision to Support Extension of ‘Cash for Clunkers’ or ‘CARS’ Program, Based on Initial Analysis that Consumers are Buying More Fuel Efficient Vehicles

July 2009

Date Title
7/31/09 Senators Feinstein and Collins Urge Department of Transportation to Promptly Provide Detailed Evaluation on Effectiveness of “Cash for Clunkers” or “CARS” Program
7/30/09 Senators Feinstein and Collins: Any Extension of the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Program Must Adhere to Higher Fuel Efficiency, Greater Emissions Reductions