Press Releases

February 2013

Date Title
2/26/13 Feinstein: Point Arena-Stornetta Should be within National Monument
2/19/13 Feinstein Urges Tracking of Hate Crimes against Sikh, Hindu, Arab Americans
2/19/13 Feinstein Statement on Chinese Military Hacking of American Targets
2/14/13 Feinstein to White House: Fund West LA VA Renovation for Homeless Vets
2/13/13 Feinstein Statement on Intelligence Committee Oversight of Targeted Killings
2/12/13 Feinstein Statement on President’s State of the Union Address
2/12/13 Feinstein Statement on President’s Cybersecurity Executive Order
2/12/13 Feinstein: 886 Mayors Endorse Assault Weapons Ban
2/11/13 Feinstein to Host California Gun Violence Victim at State of the Union
2/7/13 Feinstein, Boxer Settle Super Bowl Wager
2/7/13 Feinstein Introduces Bill Barring Foreign Felons from Purchasing Firearms
2/6/13 Intelligence Committee Releases Written Responses of CIA Nominee Brennan
2/6/13 Feinstein Statement on Investigation of Bulgarian Terrorist Attack
2/6/13 Feinstein Statement on Decision to Release OLC Opinion
2/5/13 Feinstein on Justice Department ‘Lawfulness of Lethal Operation’ Memo
2/4/13 Feinstein, Boxer Introduce Bill to Commemorate Buffalo Soldiers
2/4/13 Feinstein Bill Designates Bay Delta as National Heritage Area
2/4/13 California Senators Introduce Bill to Help Restore San Francisco Estuary
2/4/13 Feinstein Bill Would Regulate Helicopter Traffic over L.A. Neighborhoods

January 2013

Date Title
1/31/13 Law enforcement, doctors, educators, clergy support ban on assault weapons
1/31/13 Feinstein, Boxer Introduce Bill to Improve Sacramento Levees
1/30/13 New Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Support Assault Weapons Ban
1/28/13 Feinstein, Boxer Make Super Bowl Bet with Maryland Senators
1/28/13 Feinstein Statement on Bipartisan Framework for Immigration Reform
1/24/13 Feinstein Statement on Sentencing of Mumbai Terrorist David Coleman Headley